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Green Belt Training & Certification-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Columbus

Our team at Lean Six Sigma Curriculum for Columbus High School Students of Ohio assists and is working in offering professionals, students, companies, and institutions the best options in LSS training so they can have or be practitioners who will bring success and growth wherever they go. This is why one of the main options we offer includes the Green Belt Training and Certification since this one helps ensure that students, workers, and college students can be ready for the next stage of life and have an advantage over their peers when applying to job positions or working around their own ideas and projects.

You might be wondering if this methodology is worth adding to your curriculum. LSS is a methodology that assists students, professionals, and businesses in improving their performance and productivity, and we understand there’s doubt about this as LSS’s principles are based upon companies and their processes. However, it can be applied to any area and even in individual projects when you know how to work with the methodology.

The Yellow Belt is the first level for everyone to learn concepts or the basics. Many people often skip this level, and some companies consider it unnecessary. A yellow belt must be completed for those who wish to progress onto the green belt or higher. The green belt training does not include an entire module or all the necessary information that you often learn during the first belt, so you can work in practice for this next one.

The Green Belt delves deeper into concepts and structures but uses a different approach to learning than a yellow belt. This ensures that both professionals and employees can manage LSS teams to achieve outstanding business results.

Now, being certified comes with many responsibilities. If you are not yet certified at this level, we recommend you begin your training with a yellow belt and if you have obtained this last one, make sure you remember the essentials correctly. Then you can start to think about getting your green belt and whether you really need it.

If you are already interested in working on large-scale projects and you want to be a leader, then Green Belt Training is right for you as this brings a huge advantage to your career and opportunities. 

You will be able to improve your problem-solving, decision-making, productivity, leadership, and other personal abilities through our training.

Our professionals have at least a green belt to ensure they can share their knowledge and help you reach your goals.

Green Belt Training Program: How Will You Learn Everything About This Belt?

LSS uses a common structure to accommodate all levels and belts. However, everything you will learn will still be dependent on the training organization providing the classes. 

In our case, we will show you some real-world examples and situations to help you understand the Six Sigma principles.

This green belt will ensure that foundations are laid from the yellow belt you should have at this point and allow you to start working around the practice and implementation on a large scale.

The DMAIC structure is reviewed with real-world examples and case studies. You will also learn how to use the structure in your high school or college studies so you can benefit from it beyond the need to work with small projects or companies.

To be certified, you must pass an exam after you have completed your training. Our company prepares you for the international exam that will grant you a certificate recognized internationally.

Just remember that level of the methodology will cover more practical aspects: SIPOC, how Sigma is implemented, and how to use the methodology in your own projects. This means you will need to study a bit more and ensure you know how to integrate it properly to pass the exam and reap all the benefits later.

How Long Does It Take to Become A Green Belt Certified?

The program can be extended depending on the company and experts providing it, which could cause the duration to change. If you choose us for your training, the maximum amount of time, you will need to invest is approximately 30 hours. This program is easy to learn and will put you on the same level as other green belts.

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After completing your green belt training, you will be eligible for the post-exam. You can become certified by scoring a minimum of 290 points in it.

The exam or test can usually take a few days after completing your Six Sigma training. We will help you arrange a time to take the test at our facility or at another location.

Most students can complete the course in just 15 days. You can, however, set a lower goal.

You can alter the amount of time you spend with professionals and instructors to suit your commitments and schedule.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our team. We will be happy to help you so you can join thousands of students who have become certified in 6 Sigma through our company, Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Pros of Columbus.